Useful Htaccess Tricks and Tips

Most people might not know the power of htaccess, here I want to discuss some important and useful tips & tricks about the htaccess. its helps to protect your web server against venomous attacks. It’s also many helps you to perform simple tasks efficiently such as web server optimization, redirection, Security, Secure directories by disabling

Menu Underline from the centre

Friends today I want to go to create the menu with underline from the center. It makes our website very attractive and cool. You can use your website by changing some HTML and CSS. HTML Code : <div class="container"> <header> <nav> <ul> <li> <a href="#">Home</a> </li> <li> <a href="#">About</a> </li> <li> <a href="#">Join</a> </li> <li>

How is calculated Bounce Rate?

You have most likely place Google Analytics on your website. maybe you read the analytical information on a daily basis. you recognize what most of the metrics mean. However, does one apprehend what Bounce Rate mean and the way is calculated? In this article, you may realize infographic that describes the “secret formula” for hard

PAN might shortly become Aadhaar of your business

The government has been in discussions to show the Permanent Account variety (PAN) into the enterprise distinctive ID, a feature that was declared by minister Arun Jaitley whereas presenting the Union Budget. Though the thought was 1st mooted a handful of years past, the recent discussions recommend that among the embarrassment of IDs that are