10 Best Google Calendar Alternatives and Competitors 2023

Google Calendar is a popular calendar and scheduling application. Here are 10 alternatives and competitors to Google Calendar for 2023: Microsoft Outlook Calendar – A calendar and scheduling tool integrated into the Microsoft Outlook email and productivity suite. Apple Calendar – A calendar application for Apple devices, with integration with Apple’s other productivity tools. Fantastical

10 Best Free Word Processing Software 2023

Here are 10 of the best free word processing software for 2023: LibreOffice Writer – An open-source alternative to Microsoft Word with a similar interface and features. Google Docs – A free online word processing software with real-time collaboration and cloud storage. WPS Office Writer – A free alternative to Microsoft Word with support for

15 Types of jQuery Search Boxes

jQuery is a JavaScript library that provides many built-in functions to create dynamic web pages. A search box is a UI element that allows users to search for a specific item on a web page. Here are 15+ examples of jQuery search boxes: AutoComplete Search Box Dropdown Search Box Live Search Box Animated Search Box

pbcalendar – Monthly Event Calender Jquery Plugin

Hi friends, Are you want to create event calendar for your website. I am going to tell you a simple lightweight event Calendar with Plugin, it allows you to create dynamically schedule events for specific dates. You can easily add it to your website. Let’s explain. Libraries <!--CSS--> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./pb.calendar.min.css"> <!--JS--> <script type="text/javascript"

Useful Htaccess Tricks and Tips

Most people might not know the power of htaccess, here I want to discuss some important and useful tips & tricks about the htaccess. its helps to protect your web server against venomous attacks. It’s also many helps you to perform simple tasks efficiently such as web server optimization, redirection, Security, Secure directories by disabling