PAN might shortly become Aadhaar of your business

The government has been in discussions to show the Permanent Account variety (PAN) into the enterprise distinctive ID, a feature that was declared by minister Arun Jaitley whereas presenting the Union Budget. Though the thought was 1st mooted a handful of years past, the recent discussions recommend that among the embarrassment of IDs that are

20 Ubuntu tips for beginners : Ubuntu Guide

If you’re aiming to be a part of a visit into the strange and awful world of UNIX system with the world’s most celebrated distribution, it won’t be a straightforward task particularly if you’re fully acquainted with Windows clean and clear cowl. This half isn’t power-assisted by the reality that Ubuntu isn’t as full in

Chasing circles – CSS animation examples

The animated loading icon is created from four circles. The circles haven’t any fill, however, have alternating stroke-colors. <svg class="loader" xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 340 340"> <circle cx="170" cy="170" r="160" stroke="#E2007C"/> <circle cx="170" cy="170" r="135" stroke="#404041"/> <circle cx="170" cy="170" r="110" stroke="#E2007C"/> <circle cx="170" cy="170" r="85" stroke="#404041"/> </svg> In our CSS, we are able to set some

Cross my hamburger – CSS animation examples

This animation is employed everywhere the net, turning 3 lines into a cross or shut icon. till fairly recently, the bulk of implementations are achieved victimization markup language components, however really SVG is far additional suited to the current reasonably animation – there’s not a requirement to bloat the code of your button with multiple

Create CSS3 proportion Circle mistreatment jQuery percircle.js Plugin

It is a Plugin to form pure CSS primarily based proportion circle designed with jQuery. you’ll use this plugin to show proportion primarily based report conjointly this plugin support circular time progress and custom enumeration. largely you’ll use this plugin to show circular proportion progress bar. Integrate CSS3 proportion Circle Follow below steps to integrate