Upload and Resize an Image with PHP

Are you longing for image transfer and size PHP script. I had enforced an easy PHP script to re-sizing image into totally different dimensions, Upload and Resize an Image with PHP. it’s totally helpful to your internet comes to save lots of hosting house and information measure to cut back the initial image to compressed

Integrate CKEditor in Html Page using JavaScript

CKEditor may be a made internet text editor, which may be used within your hypertext markup language sites. This hypertext markup language text editor permits several of the powerful redaction functions found on desktop editors like Microsoft Word to your internet. this is often featured with several blessings like making ready your mail content, making

CSS Background Properties

Mostly 8 attributes for the background images. The CSS3 background properties are supported by modern browsers, but some values are not. This article is all about the existing and future attributes.Lets you know how to implementing backgrounds with bugs free. background-attachment background-color background-image background-position background-position-x (not in the specifications) background-position-y (not in the specifications) background-repeat

15 flashy jQuery plugins

It is an amazing library for quickly and rapidly interacting with users. whether or not it is an image gallery or a genre, content-revealing CSS associations or an explosion result, the library provides the basic building blocks to enable you to quickly realize a prototyping and to offer a unique program with the minimum of

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review

The Galaxy Note 8 has its work cut out for it, righting the wrongs of the abused Note seven that came to a fiery finish. however, with a colossal screen, small bezels, battery life to travel the gap and a wonderful stylus, is that the Note eight finally what phablet fans are asking for? The