How to produce Custom, Trackable, Short URL’s For all of your WordPress Posts and Pages

custom trackable short url feature - How to produce Custom, Trackable, Short URL’s For all of your WordPress Posts and Pages

URL shorteners are around for a short while. Their quality skyrocketed with social networks like Twitter as they created it potential to share long links on a platform with strict character limitations.

Other uses for shortened URL’s embrace pursuit clicks, disguising the target computer address, and “beautifying” a link that will otherwise embrace a misrepresent of irregular characters.

A WordPress user can also need to use short URLs for all of those reasons. Sharing their content on social media (Twitter or otherwise) is a lot of easier and a lot of elegant with short URLs.

Additionally, pursuit helps to measure the effectiveness of social ways, beautifying keeps links engaging and “on brand” (more on it later), and eventually disguising or “cloaking” a link may be used for affiliate marketing–though you’ll need to take care however you approach it.

For all of those reasons, we’re planning to use today’s post to seem at 3 other ways WordPress users will produce their own bespoke and traceable short URL’s for every and each WordPress page or post on their website.

The Default WordPress computer address agent (& Jetpack Option)


wp default short url - How to produce Custom, Trackable, Short URL’s For all of your WordPress Posts and Pages

But wait for a second, doesn’t WordPress have already got a computer address shortening feature?

Yes. And if all you’re when are a few things slightly shorter than your full permalink this feature may be right for you.

What the default WordPress computer address agent will solely replace your full permalink with the post or page ID. this could shorten your link significantly (especially on posts/pages with long titles) however if you happen to possess a protracted name you will still be curst one thing quite unwieldy.

jetpack wp me short url - How to produce Custom, Trackable, Short URL’s For all of your WordPress Posts and Pages

If you have got the Jetpack plugin put in but, you’ll be able to simply activate the link shortening feature there that uses the domain to shrink your links even additional. this may actually build sharing on social networks easier in spite of however long your regular name is.

Either approach although, victimisation the default WordPress computer address agent or the Jetpack supercharged option, you are doing not get the advantages of pursuit or custom disapproval that the opposite choices during this post provide.

Creating Custom WordPress Links with is certainly one among one or two of very fashionable computer address shortening services, all of that you’ll be able to use while not abundant effort. however, if your goal is to possess a shortened link that’s branded specifically to you and your domain then a couple of further steps area unit necessary.

The first issue you would like to try and do is purchase a separate, shorter domain, that you just then link to your account. this permits you to use similar to you unremarkably would, however, the distinction is that the shortened links it provides you with can use your custom domain rather than theirs.

Adding Your Custom Short Domain to

In order to make your own custom bitly battery-powered short uniform resource locator, you’ll have to be compelled to follow the four steps below.

Step 1: notice and buy a brief domain. you’ll use any domain buying service or tool you wish. could be a nice one for brief uniform resource locator discovery. I used to be able to use it to quickly notice a shorter version of my very own domain.

nathan - How to produce Custom, Trackable, Short URL’s For all of your WordPress Posts and Pages

Step 2: Add your new custom domain to the following step is to travel to your account (or produce one if you don’t have already got one) and add this tradition domain via the advanced settings panel. simply head to your profile > settings > advanced then click the prompt “Activate a Branded Short Domain for private use”.

Bitly advanced settings - How to produce Custom, Trackable, Short URL’s For all of your WordPress Posts and Pages

Step 3: purpose your custom domain’s DNS Host to victimization no matter service you selected to register your domain, produce AN A Record in your DNS settings that point to’s IP address–

Step 4: Wait. It will take up to 2 days for your new DNS settings to verify. once it will although all you wish to try to is use like your usually would. Except now, it’ll generate short links with our custom name.

Pretty simple, right? however what if you don’t just like the plan of getting to travel to anytime you would like a link shortener? That’s wherever the plugin possibility will are available in real handy.

Simplifying with the WP Bitly Plugin


WP Bitly - How to produce Custom, Trackable, Short URL’s For all of your WordPress Posts and Pages

The WP Bitly plugin brings the ability of Bitly right into WordPress itself with simply a couple of clicks. By combining the easy practicality of this plugin with the steps on top of but, the Bitly generated links inside WordPress can use your custom domain too.

Step 1: Install WP Bitly. Navigate to Plugins > Add New then look for and install WP Bitly.

Step 2: Insert the Bitly WordPress access token via Settings > Writing. there’s a link there which can take you to the acceptable Bitly page.

Step 3: Use your new custom short links.

You will be able to read your full stats on otherwise you will see individual link stats inside the WordPress post or page editor via a replacement meta box generated by WP Bitly.

Creating Custom WordPress Links with Pretty Link


Pretty Link - How to produce Custom, Trackable, Short URL’s For all of your WordPress Posts and Pages

Another option at your disposal is that the widespread Pretty Link plugin. There square measure each low-cal (free) and premium versions of this plugin, however, the free version can offer you with a stunning range of terribly helpful options (see below).

Essentially what Pretty Links will, in terms of link shortening, is what WordPress itself already will. the massive distinction being that Pretty Links permits you to then track and manage those short links in an exceeding range of helpful ways in which.

Feature Highlights

  • Tracks range of hits per link
  • Tracks range of distinctive hits per link
  • Generates charts and reports
  • Permits you to prepare links into teams
  • Flip trailing on and off
  • Produce nofollow/noindex links
  • And for a lot of. to not mention some pretty spectacular upgrade options for premium users.

There isn’t lots of clarification needed for exploitation this plugin. a minimum of not that must be enclosed here. Once you’ve got it put in there’s an outline video, tutorials, and many of facilitating text provided for obtaining the foremost out of it.

Creating Custom WordPress Links with (Better) Yourls


YOURLS - How to produce Custom, Trackable, Short URL’s For all of your WordPress Posts and Pages

Finally, we’ve got what’s in all probability the foremost complicated and labor-intensive option: Yourls integration with WordPress.

Yourls stands for “Your Own address Shortener”. it’s “a tiny set of PHP scripts which will enable you to run your own address shortening service (a la TinyURL or bitly)”.

What this suggests is that just like the 1st choice on top of you’ll have to be compelled to purchase a brief domain and so use these scripts to form a non-public address shortening service that uses that name. directions for that method may be found here and here.

Then, you’ll have to be compelled to transfer and install the plugin higher Yourls that primarily will what WP Bitly will except for your new Yourls address agent.

Why would you wish to travel through the difficulty of making your own entire service with Yourls? Well, altogether honestly, the majority won’t. people who do are in all probability simply messing around and luxuriate in hacking stuff along for the fun of it.

The only legitimate reason I might advocate you go this route is that if it’s extraordinarily vital for you in person to possess and management all of your link knowledge. If that’s the case then this feature may be a nice boon as it’s free and sorely needs it slow to tug off.

In Conclusion

Having your own custom, trackable, short URL’s features a ton of sensible uses. It ensures that every one of your links is promoting you are complete rather than somebody else’s, provides you tools for measure the impact of your link sharing ways, and after all makes the act of sharing your links easier within the 1st place. Among several others.

The 3 choices I’ve explored in this post don’t seem to be the sole ones offered to WordPress users–as is typically the case with WordPress. they’re but the 3 choices I might advocate WordPress users choose from, supported my personal analysis and knowledge.

Which of the 3 choices makes the foremost sense for your project? I’d like to hear concerning it in the comments below. Also, if you recognize of another methodology (or you’ve used another), please be at liberty to share it with the community here–especially if is healthier and/or easier than the choices I’ve shared on top of.

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