Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review

The Galaxy Note 8 has its work cut out for it, righting the wrongs of the abused Note seven that came to a fiery finish. however, with a colossal screen, small bezels, battery life to travel the gap and a wonderful stylus, is that the Note eight finally what phablet fans are asking for?

The Samsung Note series created the phablet class in 2011, outlined as a smartphone with a 5in or larger screen. As smartphone screens grew in size to the monsters we’ve nowadays, a giant screen wasn’t enough to differentiate the Note from the competition.

But whereas massive screens area unit currently common, a stylus is under no circumstances. thus it’s the distinctive mix of an enormous screen, a stylus, the as-small-as-possible kind issue and huge assortment of productivity tools that have created the Note thus in style. The Note eight doesn’t split up that tradition.

Biggest however

The Note 8’s screen is ginormous. At 6.3in on the diagonal, with a tall and skinny style taken straight from the eternity show of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 devices, the Note eight dwarfs virtually every alternative device, as well as the previous Note seven, in sheer screen land.

At constant time, that 6.3in screen is squeezed into a body that’s just about constant size as associate degree iPhone seven and solely a smidgen larger than the Note seven and so Galaxy S8+. The front is all screen with skinny bezels prime and bottom and snaky edges that bend towards metal sides.

The curvature of the screen on the Note eight and its corners is far reduced compared to the Note eight. The result’s more durable corners and fewer screen on the rounded edges, that makes mistreatment the stylus easier. The 74.8mm dimension of Note eight is additionally easier to stay a hold of with a metal ridge down the facet aiding grip.

The Note eight is in no approach a straightforward to handle smartphone with one hand, however, it’s less slippery and is narrower than the bulk of competition as well as the seventy-seven.9mm wide iPhone seven and also the seventy-five .7mm wide Google constituent XL.

The screen is solely good. Big, bright and daring, with made colors, deep blacks, and nice viewing angles. It’s the simplest on the market and has there are lots of customisation choices from color to screen resolution.

The Note eight has a constant virtual home button and pressure-sensitive screen because of the Galaxy S8, and you get an alternative of the orientation of the navigation buttons, that is welcome.

The glass back of the device is monolithic, with a straightforward Samsung emblem concerning simple fraction of the far and also the cluster of cameras, flash, rate sensing element and fingerprint sensing element close to the highest that everyone sits flush marked out by the little-raised edge.

The Note eight is water-resistant to depths of one.5 meters for a half-hour with associate degree IP68 rating, and Corning’s Gorilla gorilla Glass five, that ought to hopefully create each front and back a lot of scratches and shatter resistant than alternative glass-backed devices, though most can most likely need a case to safeguard the big device.


  • Screen: 6.3in quad HD+ AMOLED (521ppi)
  • Processor: octa-core Samsung Exynos 8895 or octa-core Qualcomm flower 835
  • RAM: 6GB of RAM
  • Storage: 64GB + microSD card
  • operative system: automaton seven.0 with TouchWiz
  • Camera: twin 12MP rear cameras with agency, 8MP front-facing camera
  • Connectivity: LTE, Wi-Fi, NFC, wireless charging, Bluetooth five, GPS and Iris sensing element
  • Dimensions: 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6 mm
  • Weight: 195g

Long battery life

The Note eight has an equivalent processor, graphics, and storage because of the Galaxy S8 line of devices, however, has a lot of memory with 6GB of RAM. It performs equally to the S8 and higher in multitasking.

The Note eight isn’t quite the fastest-feeling robot device – that might be the OnePlus five – however its snappy performance is maintained even with 2 complicated apps on screen at an equivalent time. play performance is additionally glorious, whereas the Note eight ran cool with comparatively sensible battery longevity even once enjoying games or looking at movies with the screen brightness cranked up and video enhancing choices turned on.

Used as my primary device the Note eight lasted overrun thirty-one hours between charges, which means that it’ll last around on a daily basis and a half-serious use, totally on mobile knowledge, before you’ll have to be compelled to reach for a plug socket. That was with many emails, notifications, 5 hours of Spotify over Bluetooth headphones, a pair of hours of looking at downloaded Netflix TV shows, the odd exposure and plenty of internet browsing.

Most people can most likely see 2 days of use between charges.

The Note eight additionally supports Bluetooth five, the most recent in 4G and WLAN property, plus NFC, wireless charging, USB-C and a phone jack, which means it supports standards new and previous, creating it one amongst the foremost future-proofed devices obtainable.

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