What is Google Firebase? What services do they offer?

Friends, every day a new technology comes in front of the world. There are some techniques that are made by keeping the activities of the society in mind. Today, we will talk about a technology that has been created keeping in mind the developers as well as developers. Topics of our today.

What is Google Firebase What services do they offer - What is Google Firebase? What services do they offer?

What is Google Firebase?

Google Firebase is a Google product that is used for Mobile and Web App Development. Google Firebase gives us such tools and services that help us to create high-quality apps and increase your business can earn a lot of money. Suppose you have created an app and connected it with Firebase, you will now be able to get all the information about the app created by Firebase. If your app is someone’s mobile.

You will have complete information about the number of users who signed up on your app with the help of the finisher. If you want to give any notifications to your users, you can easily give it with the help of Firebase. If you have updated your app and you want all your users to install the Update App, then you can do it with the help of Firebase. With the help of Firebase, you can also synchronize users’ real-time data. Friends, know about the little history of Firebase.

History of Google Firebase?

The envelope used to be used in online games to show how many users are playing the online game at this time. At that time, the owner of Envelope James Tamplin and Andrew Lee separated the online chat and real-time data. After that in 2012, Firebase has declared a separate company named BaaS. Baas’s full form was Backend-as-a-Service, which was meant to give real-time data only. But in 2014 Google bought BaaS, which is today?

Firebase provides us with a lot of service such as:

1. Authentication

In this service, Firebase keeps users’ personal data safe. Hacker can never hack if anyone wants to hack.

2. Real-Time user

In this service, Firebase gives full information of users how many users are running this app at this time and what is currently open on the App.

3. Cloud Firestore

In this service, Firebase stores the complete data of the users. Now whether this data is Personal Data or any other.

4. Cloud Functions

In this, the code of Firebase App runs, without the interruption of any server, the thing which you click on, the same thing will be open.

5. Cloud Messaging

If you want to show any kind of message or notification users then you can easily show with the help of Firebase.

6. Remote Configuration

If you want to add some new things to your app, then you can easily put it with the help of Firebase. This will not make any real problems for your real-time users.

7. Increase Speed

This helps in increasing the speed of the Firebase App and provides great hosting.

8. Crashlytics

If App comes up with any kind of issue then he immediately tells the owner that this issue has come and tries to remove it as soon as possible.

9. Drive Traffic

In this service, Firebase tells you where Traffic is coming from your App, in which country of which your App is being used.

Final Words

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